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Practice reading our scripts from this teleprompter. Just copy the script you want to practice and paste it in the teleprompter screen, then press "Start Prompter" the press FORWARD. You can control the speed of the text roll by clicking your mouse cursor on the different speeds indicated. If you need any help, please call us. We have no problem walking you through the process.


If it doesn't work in your browser, try another browser like Firefox. If it still doesn't work, then make sure active content can be displayed on your computer (in trusted zone).


Detailed Instructions:

It's easy! Just click your cursor inside the white text field and (1) press CTL+A (that selects all the text), then (2) press CTL+C (that copies the text), then paste the text in the teleprompter by clicking inside the teleprompert screen and (3)pressing CTL+V (this pastes the text in the prompter). After pressing START PROMPTER, a NEW WINDOW opens with the prompter and the script in place. PRESS FORWARD at top of new window screen to start the actual teleprompter. You may have tabbed browsing, so check the tabs for the new window. Let's try one. You must scroll down below the prompter screen to choose your script.

(max. 2000 characters)

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Spokesperson Scripts listed by dates of planned production

We left some space, trust us you'll need it, you can make more if needed. It will depend on your settings for screen and font size. Alsom remember CTL+A (select all) CTL+C (copy selection) CTL+V (paste selection above)


"Generic Scripts for Complimentary Spokesmodels"


"The Zoon Effect"


"The Arm Test"


"And now, a wrod from our sponsor..."

Note* therre are two parts, a man and a woman's part. Read for both, if you like.


"Google Rank"


Please visit here, if you need more background on what it means to be an Internet Spokesperson BACKGROUND INFO or here for details on Internet Spokesperson SCRIPTS being prduced this week or click here for Internet Spokesperson Online Teleprompter PRACTICE or visit here to see a quick sample of an Internet Spokesperson Green Screen Studio production.


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